I hate Valentine's Day

If you hate Valentine's Day -- you probably hate that there has been an entire commercial/hallmark revolution created to remind you that you don't have anyone, or the one that you have is not worth celebrating with a gift or even a card.

Or maybe you hate Valentine's Day because you never get the accolades from your sweetheart that you feel you deserve? Feeling a little underappreciated, well Valentine's Day is a bitter reminder of just how much you are underappreciated when all you get is a phone call "Happy Valentine's Day Baby". Uh, is that all you think of me?

Well, there's always the stance you can take that you refuse to buy into all of this Valentine's nonsense. But come on...deep down you've been bred to be a die hard romantic. If you ever watched a Disney movie. Or Gone With the Wind. Or Pretty Woman. You've been brainwashed just like the rest of us.

My suggestion? Do something loving for yourself. Make February 14th a day where you show yourself a lot of love. Get a massage. Buy a present for yourself. Or go somewhere you've been dying to go to by yourself:) Yes I said it. By yourself. You'll be just fine. Remember, you know yourself best. It's easier to do for yourself instead of waiting on someone else to do it for you. Have fun!

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