Miss Rather-Not-Be-Played

I like to call her the woman who rather not be played. She doesn't want to appear dumb to any man. And you know what? She never does, because she never is in a serious relationship with any man!

Look, I know we all have at least one horror story about a bad relationship. I was hurt. You were hurt. Something he did or said. But that was then and this is now. Things can be different. Especially if your tragic heartbreak happened your freshman year of college or worse yet--prom night! Uh, how long ago was that?

Miss rather-not-be-played tends to make very strong statements about other peoples relationships. How dumb they are. How silly they are acting. How desperate they appear. They don't really believe in anyone's relationship. They have no sense of compromise. They are looking for men to make mistakes. Make senseless comments. Wrong choices. Wear bad shoes.

She is sure that every man on the planet is keeping secrets. Ones that are detrimental to her very survival.

She is scared out of her mind. Scared of getting hurt. Scared of getting played.

So she never takes a chance on meeting anyone. She rather not go to clubs or bars. She doesn't want to meet mutual friends (so to not appear as desperate). She doesn't trust anyone she meets on the street. All the men at her job are undesirable or taken.

So what is the remedy for this woman?

1. Well, she needs to really retrace that good and bad of the relationship that has damaged her.
2. Try to figure out what preceded the downward spiral of the relationship.
3. Accept responsibility for the part she played in the demise of the relationship.
4. Forgive herself and him.
5. Get ready to meet the next person with an open mind.


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