I've Met Everyone That Lives Here

You may be her or know someone very similar. She lives and works in the very town or city she has always lived in, and she SWEARS that she has met every available and unavailable man there!

Okay, she makes some valid points. Six degrees of separation aside, if you live in a small community or even a small metropolitan area all your life - you are bound to know or be indirectly connected to many of the men in the area.

So the pool of prospects has been contaminated. You know someone, who knows someone else and they always know something negative about your potential guy.

So now what? Well this woman dreams and fantasizes about moving - but is also waiting on some mysterious force to get her to move. So she stays. And complains. Grows bitter. And when she goes out because she was bored to death at home - its written all over her face, so no man wants to risk rejection and approach her.So at the end of the night, she's back at home - sipping on red wine - dreaming of a future instead of creating one.

1. If you want fresh surroundings, then make the move to another city or state. Meet a new circle of people and build some fresh relationships.
2. If you stay - make it work for you. What area do many out-of-towners tend to move to? Start hanging out in that part of town. Get out of your box and try something new. You may meet a new person at those salsa lessons, yoga class, or any new situation.
3. Put the wine down, turn the TV off, and focus on a life goal or passion while you are waiting to meet someone new. Imagine what you could get done!
4. Consider talking through your anger and bitterness with someone. You have to appear emotionally approachable and available.