Desperate Housewives Hits The Mark

It's fun. It's campy. It's hilarious. The new show Desperate Housewives really hits the mark when it comes to the lives of some of us out here. It's our new Sex in the City without the high-fashion. But what can we learn from this fun new show meant to make us tune in week after week?

Well, I don't know -- stuff you probably already know. Don't use your young daughter to help your bumbling a*# land a man:) Stand up to the Alpha mom at PTO meetings:) Use what God gave you to convince your man you're a good girl or use what God gave you to convince your man that you are ready to be a bad girl:)

Hey I love a good soap. Sometimes they inspire me. If you are a little inspired to shake-up your life at home try tapping into your INNER GODDESS and connect with your mate like never before:)

Well, that's it for now. See you same bat time - same bat channel!

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