Is it cheating if your partner won't give you any?

A male client once asked me a very interesting question: Is it cheating if my wife won't have sex with me?
My answer - uh, yes!

Of course I can't leave it at that. If you aren't having sex with your partner do you know why? Do you think you know or have you discussed it? So, what are you going to do about it? Cheat?

Of course there is a strong personal value part to this issue. What do you believe in? What is your moral/ethical code?

But on another level - if you think that by holding out on sex you are executing some sort of control over a bigger relationship issue, you probably aren't. Many men just begin to wander.

If you are not having sex because of other issues. Physical or emotional. Then you need to talk to someone. Don't start another year with bad communication between you and your partner.

Hey, sex is fun. Even fantastic when properly executed:) Don't miss out on the fun!

Let's talk about sex!


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dan said...

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