Surviving another year of relationships

It's the New Year and another year is upon us. You want to make changes. Lose weight. Save money. Discover your true self. Fall in love or get rid of a bad one. Hey, I hear you. This is the time to do it. This is the time to really take some self inventory - and ask yourself what you really want from a relationship?

I mean, how can you survive another year of meeting people, maybe sleeping with people, and possibly forgetting those people and moving on to another or others. Or what if you are in a stale relationship? One that has run its course. Are you frightened of the unknown? But are you sick of being frightened? Or are you someone that seems to never meet anyone. It's not as easy as it was at 16 yrs. old - huh? Well, maybe you are closed to meeting people and you just didn't realize it. Maybe you are going to the wrong places. Traveling with too many people or with the wrong group of people. Can't meet anyone of quality when the whole party you are with is drunk:)

Well, the good news is it's another year to try again at correcting your errors. Making smarter decisions. Finally, add in a little dose of optimism and you may be on your way to a positive 2005.

Here's to love!



dan said...

"Relationship obituaries" -- when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston broke up in early January 2004, news reports surfaced that several media outlets had prepared a relationship obituary on the Pitt-Anniston marriage situation and a new term was born: relationship obituaries. Some major news organizations prepare obituaries about famous people and celebrities in advance of their deaths, so the media can rush out quickly with a death notice and story. Now some media groups are preparing "relationship obituaries" -- who knew? -- about famous couples and other VIP relationships. One magazine denied they do this: An editor at US magazine told Derrick Lang of the Associated Press in New York that "we don't have relationship obituaries ready to go." They will soon!

dan said...

Magazine editors race to cover Aniston-Pitt split

Kansas City Star

Jan 13, 2005

... But unlike news organizations that have prepared obituaries for when somebody dies, Janice Min said, “We don't have relationship obituaries ready to go.”. ...