Relationship Challenge

The GirlShrink Relationship Challenge Is Underway Folks!

I challenge those who are currently in a relationship (how brave:) to do three things:

1. Give your mate an overdue compliment
2. Initiate Sex
3. Tell him/her when you knew you were in love with them

I challenge those who are currently NOT in a relationship to do three things:

1. Talk to a stranger for 15 minutes. (Hey it's practice:)
2. Flirt with a stranger for 5 minutes
3. Make a list of all the attributes and qualities your next partner will have. Now cross one thing off the list!

Good luck with the challenge. I must admit, it was a little difficult for me as well. I mean who wants to initiate sex with three toddlers running around singing Veggie Tales songs! But good luck anyway:)

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