I want to be married...I want to be single!

Isn't it funny? I talked to an old friend of mine today who was recently married. She's been having a tough first year and admitted that perhaps she romanticized this whole notion of marriage. Of setting time tables for herself.

- Married by 30.
- Kid by 33
- Second kid by 35 etc.

That's not to say that she isn't madly in love with her husband - she is. But marriage is certainly not the utopia that she thought it would be. Marriage is hard work. Loving each other is easy. Liking each other is not:)

I know - I know - the grass is always greener on the other side.

But you ladies on a mission to marry...listen to your married sisters. Marriage is not going to save you from your boring life. Challenging life. Tough life. Don't look to it to be the thing to make everything okay.

And you ladies who are married...stop dreaming about those glory years during and after age 21! Marriage should not mark the end of your glory days. Just of your irresponsible drunken nights:)

Would you want to be back in those other shoes again? Waiting for Mr. Right? Waiting for the ring. Planning the wedding that everyone wanted a say in? Aren't you glad you're past all that? Before you start envying the old days. Look at your marriage. Look at your family. Isn't it worth it?


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