When You Choose To Be Alone Out Of Fear

There are some women out here who simply rather not deal with the trials and tribulations of getting to know a new man. It's just too difficult. And it leaves you quite vulnerable to the risks of heartbreak.

But there really is truth in all the cliches about living a life in fear. It is no life at all. Because most people are wishing that they could take the risks and make the decisions that people do everyday - people who are living life and taking chances.

The author of A Million Little Pieces, James Frey, mentioned on Oprah how he rather deal with physical pain then deal with the pain of heartbreak. That was a powerful statement - but the reality of his life is that he has learned how to face all of his fears, both physical and emotional. And it was the key to saving his life.

And it's the key to living your life as well. Take 15 minutes today and write a list of your 5 biggest fears. Ones that stop you from evolving in any part of your life. They could be a fear of spiders or they could be a fear of sounding silly to someone - so you say nothing at all.

  • Whatever they are - write them down.
  • Pick one.
  • Make a decision to face that fear.
  • Give yourself a goal of when to face it.
  • Begin trying a little each day.

You can begin by looking at pictures of spiders in a National Geographic Magazine:) Or you can begin by talking to the neighbor who you never say more than hello to.

Don't let fear stop you from meeting someone special. You could really be missing out.


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1 comment:

Carla said...

I'm trying to figure out whether it's fear that's keeping me from trying for a relationship (a full year after the end of a long, turbulent one), or whether it's simple self-preservation.

Since I've apparently made bad choice after bad choice, it becomes pretty evident that don't trust *myself* much less men.