Eharmony Failure -- When You Don't Meet Your Perfect Match

As an online advice expert, I am always getting questions from men and women (mostly women) about which is the safest and most reputable online dating service. Online dating still continues to have a stigma of "desperation" to some -- of which I don't agree. Hey, look at Dr. Phil and!

I have always recommended Eharmony, because I like the fact that personality types are taken into consideration and that you have to pay - which usually means a bit of a stronger commitment to the process. Right?

Well, unfortunately online dating, or any dating for that matter:), is not a perfect science. And sometimes with all the assessments in the world - you still may meet Mr. Wrong. You still may meet a grown man with 16 year old intentions. Just playing around.

This happened to a couple of clients of mine. Not just with Eharmony -- but those particular clients were a bit more surprised by the outcome of their matches then the other users. Because of course these people paid to meet their soulmate - so why wouldn't they take it seriously? Maybe they do. Maybe you two aren't as perfect as you think - right?

So while I highly recommend this site, just remember that it is not a sure thing. Use your judgement and your instincts, and don't be discouraged. Keep trying. Because you know what I believe -- that there is a lid for every pot!

*If you want to talk about an online dating experience gone wrong. Send me a letter. If you just want to share it on the blog - add your comment for others to read.



HappyM said...

Be aware that eharmony does not screen for polyamorous types. I ran across a few while using the site. I dated one for a while then found out he was 'poly'. No fun to find out so far in!

Lyndon Garvey said...

"grown up man with adolescent intentions" - dumb ass author. How about "grown up man with love/sex relationships that differ from social 'norm'"?