Does Your Partner Like Pets?

I like for my nine year old dog - Pepperz - to sleep at the foot of the bed. It makes me feel safe and I think she feels comfortable:) What's interesting is that about eight years ago - my husband was dead set against it. He didn't want a dog in the bedroom, much less our bed.

He would wake up everyday saying "Oh the hair is in my throat! The hair is in my throat!" I would just look at him like he was a drama queen and roll over.

Now of course my hubby has grown to love Pepperz almost as much as I do. She gives her belly rubs, asks once in a while if I have fed her yet, and will play a little ball with her outside. And of course she sleeps at the foot of the bed every night.

But now that I look back on it - was it selfish of me to just roll over and dismiss his feelings? Yes. Because it could of really gone either way. He could of really grown to resent Pepperz, and treated both she and I horribly because of it.

What would I have done if he had asked me to give away our dog? I don't think I would have. We would have had a knock down, drag out fight about it.

Another couple I know of adopted a rottweiler. Now that's a big dog that needs a lot of care and they also had two small children. The wife was completely against it because she didn't really like dogs and she knew that it would be up to her to do most of the care of the pet because her husband worked overtime and worked far from home.

Hubby didn't agree and got that dog anyway. What he didn't realize was that while he grew up with dogs all his life - his mother took care of those dogs. Including loving them. He just didn't have the time. So the dog grew to be a big point of conflict in their relationship. She was like "I told you so" and he didn't want to admit defeat. Eventually - they had to give away the dog to the pound. Very sad for everyone because the wife feels a bit guilty, the husband is sad, and the dog has a good chance of being put to sleep.

Remember that a pet is a big commitment. Especially within the confines of a relationship. If you get one...

1. See how your partner feels about it.

2. Ask whether or not he grew up with pets.

3. Know that you will be 100% responsible for the care of the pet and probably for loving it as well.

4. Be willing to compromise on the "rules" for the pet.

5. Don't get the pet until you have really talked it through. Its unfair to the pet.

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