Meeting Mr. Not-So-Bad

There are some women who define themselves by their relationship--so they always have one. There are some women who just happen to be dealt really good cards in life and find their partner early. They marry. Have children. And ride into retirement sunsetville together. And then there are the rest of you, who have picked apart piece by piece every male suitor you ever had and so now you don't have any or you are currently involved in one of "those" relationships.

I'm here to tell you, that you are not a teenager anymore. At least you shouldn't be reading my column:) You will always have the luxury of having standards, but you will not always have the luxury of having a myriad of men that will fit that criteria. So you have two choices. Either you are forced to make it work with the man who fits the criteria to a tee. If you find him. If he's available. If he even wants to be bothered with you. Or you try things out with Mr. Not-So-Bad.

Mr. Not-So-Bad isn't who you envisioned you would be with for the long haul. He isn't drop dead gorgeous or filthy rich. But he has great character and he treats with you respect. He is well groomed and quite stylish. He has a respectable job and gets to work on time. He loves sports, hates picnics, but doesn't mind a candlelit dinner now and then. He might have a child from a previous marriage or relationship - but you know what - he pays his child support and he sees the kid every other weekend. He isn't a big telephone person but lights up when he sees you in person. All and all - he's really not that bad after all. In fact, he's a catch. And with the right attitude on your part - you just might see all the potential that a relationship between the two of you could seriously have.

If you have a Mr. Not-So Bad in your life - call him tonight. If you don't - think about some of the men in your life. Co-workers. Friends of friends. The guy on the train. Or at the post office. Is he right under your nose and you just don't know it?


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