Looking for Mr. Wrong Please

This was such a hot topic - I had to talk about it again:) If you are of a certain age. And you want to have children. And you are ready to settle down. But there are no prospects in sight - nor have there been for a very long time. Then, you have been looking for Mr. Right. Mr. Perfect. Mr. Everything. And let me tell you this...he does not exist. Wake up ladies. He does not exist.

You may need to regroup. Get focused. And take a look around you. Look at some of the Mr. Wrongs. He may not work out at the gym like you prefer, but did he hold the door open for you. Did he buy you a drink? Did he talk to you about politics or did he look down your shirt?

Think about it. Mr. Wrong isn't disrespectful. He isn't a slouch. He doesn't live with his mother. He isn't broke. But he isn't rich either. He isn't Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington. He is an everyday man. With dreams and desires just like you. He may not be who you had planned on when planned your wedding out in the 80's - but he's looking mighty good now!

Don't bend on your ethics. Your moral standards. But remember - everything else is optional:)

Much success!

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1 comment:

AddledWriter said...

i haven't seen your other entries but was just directed to this one. and let me tell you, it's offensive and hurtful to the many women who ARE looking for a nice guy and STILL haven't found the right one. sometimes you can compromise, look around, and still, you meet guys who consider themselves nice but are really jerks, or some nice guys who still don't for whatever reason (and you try really hard) attract you. And you can't have a relationship with someone just because you know it's time, pretending to be into them when you just feel like they're a cousin - that is unfair to you, to them, and to both of your sexlife.

I'm not talking about people who are dating and have stupid requirements (height, weight, gym, salary, etc.)...I'm talking about those who are trying, really trying, and for the life of them, haven't found someone they want to be with.