The Pressure of New Years Eve

Let's face it - some of us put an incredible amount of pressure on our partners and ourselves when it comes to New Years Eve. Whether or not we like to admit it - we tend to be superstitious about this type of thing. If we aren't together we...

1. Feel very lonely
2. Feel like no one loves us
3. Feel like losers:)
4. Feel like this will set the tone for the rest of the year
5. Feel like we need to make some serious changes

Its incredible pressure. And its even worse for couples that are together. If you don't choose "something" to do you feel like this may be reflective of your entire relationship - boring. Ideas for couples?

1. Go to church
2. Go to a friend's house for dinner
3. Take control and throw your own small party
4. Have a romantic dinner and champagne toast with each other
5. Play board games with your kids
6. Do something you did the first year you met

Try not to...

1. Go to sleep before 12
2. Watch the ball drop on T.V.
3. Argue with each other about what you're not doing
4. Get completely drunk and sloppy

I know you don't believe me everyone but New Year's Eve is just another calendar day folks. Relax and enjoy the time with your partner or your family or even yourself. Happy New Year's!


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