Does Your Mate Act Like A Baby When Sick?

I know this is just dead a#@! wrong, but my husband acts like a BIG baby when he is sick...and it drives me crazy:)

Well it could be that he acts like a baby or that women (for the most part:) just get up, dust themselves off, and keep it movin' when we are sick. Even when we are really sick. Because you know what? Stuff will not get done if we don't do it!

Whatever your role is in the home...people depend on you to do it. Your husband. Your children. Your pets. Your parents. Your in-laws. The babysitter. The gardener. Whoever.

And let's not even talk about calling out sick from work - forget about it!

So while I know we LOVE our partners and really wish that they didnt' feel so under the weather - when they do - let's take a little pity on ourselves too. Listening to all that complaining, fetching all that soup and orange juice, when we know that when the shoe is on the other foot -- we MAY get mediocre service at best! OR we get pretty good service with an attitude:)

Well ladies -- that's part of survivin' these relationships that we soooo love! In the meantime, slip him some echinacea every morning:)


Patrick D said...

My girlfriend acts like a baby when sick..It's kinda sweet though.

Brandy said...

Aww give em' a break. We are the rocks and that's why we women were made to be the stronger sex. Who else is gonna wipe up all the mess? I'd take actin like a baby over being a complete jerk anyday!

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